Basics of Manly Style

A man must look good, he must know how to dress, yet he is not a metrosexual who is overly concerned with his appearance. The basic underlying element of all masculine style is to never compromise on his masculinity. Here are some very basic tips for dressing like a man and establishing a basic masculine wardrobe.

1) Don’t let women dress you. “What?!?!?” you may ask. “Isn’t this the best way to look good? After all women know what they like in a man!”. Allowing women to dress you will get you the same results as asking them relationship advice. It will not get you where you want to be. Here is the deal: ask a woman what she wants in a relationship and she will tell you about being nice etc… You will be nice until the cows come home while she is sleeping with your best friend who is doing everything the opposite of what she told you she wants. The same goes for clothing. She will buy you trendy clothes, the latest fads. You will look like every other guy on the planet. Trends are marketed to boys and boy-men, not real men. Masculine style on the other hand is more timeless. It is more mature, independent. You can dress trendy like everyone else, but you will be as unnoticeable and average as everyone else too.

2) Wear well fitting clothes. For some reason, most guys seem to think that buying a shirt with a collar on it automatically means that they have dressed up. You may feel that way but if the shirt does not fit you well you will look like you picked it up off the rack at Target. Buy shirts that are somewhat fitted. If you can, go for something slim fit, or ultra slim fit. Every man should have one or two custom tailored shirts. Make sure that you purchase dress shirts with sleeves under the collars for collar stays. These will add an extra element of sharpness to your appearance. When purchasing dress pants, even if you get them off the rack, you will need to get them tailored. Finding a good tailor is essential for every man. Your pants need to look perfect. The cuff must fall at the right place, not too short, nor too long. Don’t buy pants with pleats in them. To add an extra element of style and sophistication go with French cuffs, cufflinks and pocket square.

3) Wear solid colors and avoid all uneccasary patterns. As with posture and body language, people respond sub consciously to colors as well. Wearing conservative colors with basic patterns or no patterns at all. This will sub consciously communicate strength and power. Shirts should be basic as well. Skip the non functional add-ons such as epaulettes, logos, designs and other sorts of bells and whistles. Keep it simple and masculine. Even t shirts should fit reasonably well.

4) Finally, if James Bond wouldn’t wear it outside then neither should you. Use this as a measuring stick when choosing clothing.

These simple steps will ensure a solid foundation in the building of a masculine wardrobe.