The New Year

There are two ways that you can ring in the New Year. You can get so drunk that you need at least a whole day to recover, or you can celebrate like a man and get down to work.


The New Year is something to celebrate. Once again, it is a time with family and friends to celebrate the accomplishments of the old year, memorialize those that left us in that year as well as look forward to crushing new goals and accomplishments.
Festivities give us small breaks to re-energize us on our journey. The New Year celebrations do this for our goals and life plans. Take a step back, take an honest inventory of the past year. Now, with renewed vigor, celebrate and move forward towards accomplishing what you want in life.
I generally have my goals for the next year put on paper by late October. I would suggest this method, but if you haven’t yet done this, it is not too late. Take the time today to get away from distraction, quite your mind and write down the things that you want to do in the next 3 years, and the next year. I have material goals, but I also have others dealing with fitness, character and the like. I suggest you do the same.

There is much to be done, so why would you want to start the year on the same note as the vast herds of sheeple who are partying their lives away? I would suggest beginning the year with a 30 day challenge of your own. If you don’t already do it, add in 30 days of cold showers. Start the year off right.


Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2018.





The Holidays, Tradition and Masculinity

Having just passed through Thanksgiving weekend we are officially in the midst of the holiday season. Many men that I know have dropped out of the holiday madness being disgusted by the commercialism that surrounds modern western holidays. After all, why wouldn’t you want to drop out? The reality is that any religious meaning, anything deeper than Black Friday was stripped away from the holidays long ago.  What is Thanksgiving but a day to spend with family giving thanks for all of the good things that you have, expressing the manly virtue of gratitude. Yet today Thanksgiving means wasting time watching football, then stuffing yourself to the point of nausea in a gluttony fueled orgy of food. Maybe you’ll sleep on the couch after watching a superhero movie only to be aroused at 4am to get on line at the local mall for a “Black Friday” deal. Don’t forget to run into the bathroom a couple of times to jack off too. Truth be told, I’m depressed just writing about it.

But, dropping out is the way of the coward. This is because men are needed to bring back the traditions and the deeper meanings of life. There is a great line in Charles Sledge’s book, “Man Up”; “A healthy world is forged by healthy nations, healthy nations are forged by strong tribes, strong tribes are forged by strong families, strong families are forged by strong men.”
Gentlemen, we are the guardians of tradition. As we all know, women are emotionally driven and therefore will be blown like leaves in the wind. We men are the rock, the solid foundation of family life and the greater society as a whole. We are the bedrock of our families, churches, businesses, and society as a whole. Our traditions guide us, give us a constant light in all times of happiness or sadness. Tradition is important. Myth is important. Legend is important. Our ancestors knew this. People only two generations ago knew this. We urgently need to reconnect with this. Our nations, societies and families need us to reconnect with this.


Identity is critical to a man. Identity is just as important to a family and society as it is to an individual. Look at it this way; tradition and myth are to a family what frame is to a man. They are the guiding force, the boundaries that everyone knows and respects. They are the customs of how we show respect to each other, to honor your ancestors and your God. The key with traditions is that they must be diligently kept and observed. They are perishable and fragile. They can disappear in a generation, and many have. The holidays are the perfect time to rediscover traditions.

There are two different types of tradition in relation to the holidays. The first type of traditions are the age old traditions of your culture. If you’ve grown up in the west disconnected from your heritage then now is the time to find it. All it takes is a few internet searches and you can easily find ways that your not so distant ancestors celebrated Christmas and the New Year. Expand this to other feasts throughout the year. You’ll find that your ancestors celebrated everything. They lived a cycle of life much different from us yet much healthier. If you are a Christian you will find this in the cycles of fasting and feasting laid out throughout the year.

The second type of tradition has to do with the details of your family life. These are the little things that you do with your family like trekking out in the snow somewhere to cut down a Christmas tree or a certain type of Christmas cookie that your wife makes perfectly for you. These types of tradition are extremely important as they give you and your family shared, happy experiences to enjoy together and forge your bonds with each other.


It is important that you are the driving force behind this. Let your woman know what these traditions are and that they are to be kept diligently. She will take that from you and do everything in her power to produce your wishes for the respective holiday down to the last detail. You will enjoy watching her fuss over the smallest detail to please you and your wishes.
If you are not married yet then spend time with your family, observing your family traditions. Take care to learn them. Those who are passing the torch to you will not live forever. You need to take up that torch as a man and carry it forward, one day passing it on to your offspring. You will carry this tradition on with you when you get married. If you don’t get along with your family now, or you live away from them, use this time to research what you will want things to look like when you do have a family of your own.

Until next time.

Why You Should Be A Nationalist.

What is a nationalist? It is someone who loves their culture, their ways and traditions. Contrary to the hive mind propaganda, being a nationalist has absolutely nothing to do with being a racist, fascist or Nazi. Being a nationalist means that you look out for the interests of your people. Being a nationalist allows you to recognize other’s pride in their own people, traditions, religion and customs as well. How can that be? Its simple. Here’s an example: Do you have a family? Do you look after your family? Do you protect your children? Do you work to put food on the table? Do you protect your wife? The answer is no doubt “yes” to all of these questions. Now, do you appreciate and understand your best friends commitment to his family? Of course you do. Do you want his family to do well? Do you want his wife and children to be protected? Of course you do. Would you even help his family in time of need to reach their goals? Of course you would. Ultimately though, you are solely responsible for your family and their welfare. This is nationalism on a very small scale.

In America we live in a culture and society that is anti tradition. Tradition is really too deep for us because it means commitment to something more than television shows and beer. It scares us to think that there are people willing to die for something. A man needs to know where he comes from. He needs to honor his ancestors. He needs to be working towards the man that his ancestors would be proud of. This is not an easy task.

The first step to becoming a nationalist is to explore your roots. Find out all that you can about your family and your ancestors; the good, the bad and the ugly. If you don’t know the traditions of your culture, learn them. You need to speak the language of your ancestors. You can get a basic idea and some good leads on the internet but it will eventually be necessary to connect with people. See if there is a cultural organization in your area. Churches tend to be places where traditions are kept pretty closely, both ethnic and religious.

Dig a little deeper into your heritage and one thing that you will be certain to find is traditional gender roles. In America many immigrant communities lose this after the first generation, but the seeds are still there in all cultures. If you wish to get married and settle down, this is a great place to meet a potential wife. Don’t rule out going overseas either. You will find as you dig deeper into your cultural heritage that matronly, feminine women are prized over all. If you are looking for a real, stable marriage you will need to look overseas nowadays. American women are not worth marrying. Find a woman who is also a nationalist. She will be the encouragement and support that you need as well as a suitable mother for your offspring.

Learn the warrior roots of  you heritage. Learn the tales of famous warriors, find paintings, statues or pictures of them online and get one for you office or study. I find that it helps me tremendously pre-workout to think on my ancestors a bit, particularly the warrior aspect; it invigorates me. I also listen to music from my culture while I lift weights.

Once you have dug deeper into this part of your identity hold fast to it. Make it a part of your very fabric. Although women are not the primary reason why we do anything, having a strong identity is like catnip to them. It’s just an added bonus for you.

Finally, after time and true integration into your own life you must pass this on to the next generation. Whether it be your own sons, your nephews, cousins it doesn’t matter. This is the essence of tradition, that it is past down form one generation to another. It is a sacred duty for all men.

If you have any experience with this yourself please comment to help your brothers out.

Until next time.