How to Schedule Your Day for Maximum Effectiveness


Your time is the most valuable asset that you have, and the present is the only thing that you have to work with as the past is gone and the future is not yet here. Successful men always control their narrative and how they spend their time is no exception. In his masterpiece, “Sun and Steel”, Yukio Mishima lays out the duality between the day and the night. According to him the day is for action while the night is for contemplation. I have found this to be true in my own experience and also in researching the lives of my ancestors. In times past, men often retreated to contemplation and discussion after a hearty dinner and hard day of work. The evening was the time when men pondered the mysteries of life, dreamed and discussed great things. These thoughts turn into action.
Boiled down to its essence, focus on action during the day, contemplation and leisure in the evening. Now, this isn’t a hard and fast rule. You will take vacations and you may do leisure activities during the day in conjunction with business. What we are really focusing on is the majority of your work days.
Before you can sit down and plan your day, you need to have a solid idea of what you want out of life. What is your passion or your Thumos? You must know yourself, your passion and your purpose in order to effectively plan anything. If you don’t yet know these things, take the time to really find out. It will be one of the best investments that you ever make.
Once you know your purpose in life and your subsequent goals you’ll be able to realistically break down your months, weeks and days. This will allow you to focus your time and energy on the most important things and filter out the rest. The first step to success will be to plan out your week on Sunday and plan out each day’s daily tasks the evening before. In my experience, writing out your goals for the week and then scheduling your day hour by hour is the most effective plan. Your schedule needs to be realistic and attainable. Once you have set it you must stick to it like glue. As usual, people will criticize you for this. You’ll hear things like, “Its not good to be so rigid, you need to kick back too!”. This comes from dudes who get to the gym once and then decide to “take it easy tonight”. Their opinions don’t matter. Don’t pay any attention. Once you start to plan your schedule and do it, you’ll realize how much time you’ve wasted with crap, but you will also gain invaluable perspective on how you want to spend your time. Not only will scheduling increase your productivity but it will also increase your quality of life because you will only give time to people and pursuits that fit into your game plan. The idea of wasting time will begin to disgust you if it already hasn’t.
Here are some fundamental ways that you can start. I personally do all of these things daily:
1) Get up early, 5 am is ideal. Getting up early will make you feel good. You’ll accomplish so much constructive work by the time most people are hitting snooze on their alarm clocks. If you are not a “morning person” that works even better; you’ll feel great by pushing yourself to get up early. “Sleeping in” on the weekends should not exceed 6 am.
2) Practice awareness training. I do this in the morning before anything else as well as at varying times during the day. I find that it helps me to clear my mind of unnecessary garbage and to keep my focus on my goals. You should have your life goals written down. Make sure to look them over in the morning and throughout the day. Make sure that you plan how you will take action towards each goal today.
3) Your work. Focus on the task at hand, forget trying to multi-task. Dive into your work, your creation, your art. Give it 1000% . If you are still working for someone else then treat this as a learning experience. Keep you your goals in front of you always and move towards them. If you approach the “daily grind” as a business school you will be making good use of your time. Use your lunch time to further your goals by writing for your blog, reading to improve yourself, get to the gym, go for a walk and practice your day game, etc.. Don’t waste it hanging out with the guys from the office eating shit food and wasting time talking about last night’s game.
4) Warrior training. This includes hitting the gym. Don’t forget the other aspects of your training either: martial arts, shooting both rifle and pistol as well as other weapons.

5)Masculine pursuits.  Once your work day is over and you have workout out and done your warrior training then it is time to shift the focus of your day to the contemplative. This is the point in the day where you will read, study, learn. You can also take part in other forms of masculine leisure such as playing chess, reading or writing. Keep the tv turned off and sell your gaming console. Trust me, when you are lying on your deathbed you won’t be wishing that you had played “Call of Duty” one last time.

6) Meals. These obviously come at different times during the day. The main thing is to eat healthy and prepare your food ahead of time.  There are so many fitness articles online that stress the importance of meal prep. My experience has taught me that this is one of the few universal truths of the fitness industry. Make the time to do it. Take the time to eat, don’t rush it. If possible, eat with someone else and converse. Put the phone away and keep the tv off. If you have a family make sure to eat dinner together at the table each and ever night. Have your wife cook for you and prepare the table. Offer her encouragement to do so. Get to know local restaurants where you can find good, healthy food. When you are going out to eat for business or pleasure make the choice of one of these restaurants.

7) Plan for the next day’s success. Before bed time give yourself ample time to review your goals and what you did to accomplish them today, then write down your plan for the next day.

8) Go to bed, wake up the next day and repeat.



Know your purpose. This narrows things down. Have goals. Focus only on the important things. Practice mindfulness, awareness.

These are the keys to succesfully planning your day.

Until next time.


What Does It Mean to Be Strong?

Being strong physically and emotionally is essential to being a man. Emotional strength is something that is sorely lacking in today’s men. Emotional strength is so important that this is why other men and women are hard wired to shit test you. Yes, other men will shit test you and if you think about it, you shit test other men. The reason is simple: women shit test to see if you are a worthy mate, men shit test to see if you are someone worthy of allowing into their tribe. Ultimately, a shit test is something that is testing your emotional strength.


In short, emotional strength boils down to having an incredibly strong sense of self. The lion knows who he is. There is no angst, no anxiety, no worry, he IS the king of the jungle.


A strong sense of self is your frame. If you read any PUA sites or forums you’ll immediately notice that frame and frame control are among the most written about topics. The PUA definition of frame is certainly true, yet myopic. Your frame is much more than just passing shit tests and controlling your interactions with women. Your frame is your belief system. It is the set of beliefs that guide you in all interactions, not just with women. Once you’ve established your belief system then you must be congruent with your inner beliefs. This is often referred to as integrity. Behaving this way becomes your frame. You need to know who you are, how you interact with the world around you. Violating your integrity will cost you. The less you live authentically, the more depressed you become.

To begin with, you must find your core values and beliefs. Who are you and what do you stand for? What are your non negotiable stances? You should know who you are in relation to all things. If you don’t know any of these things then work on establishing these foundations. One of my favorite quotes on this topic comes from “Operation Werewolf”: “Know who you are by becoming who you want to be.”

Who do you want to be? What would you look like if you were this man? How would you behave if you were the man that you want to be? What would that man stand for? How would his relationships be with other people? Be honest with yourself. Remember, you are not living someone else’s life and they aren’t living  yours. In this quest of yours taking time to write in a journal will be essential. I would also recommend controlling your thoughts by mindfulness and presence. Once you have a basic idea then begin to act like that man. Action will be the only thing that changes you. Be authentic. As you gain strength your own weaknesses will be more apparent to you. This can be frustrating. For most guys it is demoralizing and they give up. While you will act to correct your weaknesses, you should also accept that you have them; every man does. As you uncover more and more of yourself in relation to who you want to be, your ideal may change. This is OK, it means that you are growing.



Strive for consistency in your moods and behaviors but balance it with passion for life and fearlessness. While I am a major fan of reading and educating myself, much of your progress in this area will come from the ring or the gym. In order to know yourself and who you really are you must fight and you must lift. Getting into a ring with another man and fighting or grappling is a great equalizer; there is no bullshit. The gym will also teach this to you as 300 lbs is always going to be 300 lbs; either you can lift it or you can’t. As Henry Rollins said; “Learning about what you’re made of is time well spent and I’ve found no better teacher.”

Finally, its not all about you. Others are relying on you to be a strong man; society, your business, your buddies, your wife, your kids,, your animals and your parents. They all need you more than ever to dig deep down and become the strong man that you are destined to be.

Until next time.


Valentine’s Day

A few years ago I wrote a post about Valentine’s Day. This has been one of my most read posts over the years. I want to touch on Valentine’s day again as it can be such a trap for men in our culture. The trap that I will cover this year is specifically aimed at men in a committed relationship. Remember that Valentine’s Day is a fabricated holiday, it reaps financial rewards for greeting card makers, candy makers and jewelers just to name a few. That being said, the object of your affection will be under great pressure from her friends and society at large to be treated extra special by you on this day. If you follow the narrative set by romance movies and society she will quickly lose respect for you and start to look elsewhere. Its a hard truth but I can tell you that in my younger days I had more relationships end after having sent flowers to a woman than any other reason.

I’m not against doing kind things for your woman or buying her gifts now and then, as long as it is on your terms and coming from a position of strength. These times where I lost the girl, I was coming from a position of weakness and she could sense it a mile away. Receiving flowers from me actually disgusted her. Let that sink in.

You might ask how to balance your terms with her feelings? Well, here is how: always be in control. You must, being the man, control the relationship. This doesn’t mean to be controlling, but rather, as the man, you are in charge, you are the head of the household, the head of the relationship. You are the strong, attractive man whom she respects. This has to happen before Valentine’s day. This has to happen from your first interaction with any woman. Assuming that you have done this during the course of your relationship, the majority of the pressure to perform on Valentine’s day is off of you. The reason is that she already gushes when she talks to her friends about you. If you’ve followed this advice I guarantee that you are the man that her friends wish they were sleeping with. This gives you a LARGE margin of error.

If you haven’t been living this life then trying to do something monumental on Valentine’s Day will only start the ball rolling for the end of your relationship. What you can do is right now is begin to live with purpose, live for yourself, take charge of the relationship, establish and maintain polarity and of course, always be the most well dressed man in any room.

I have to attach a warning to this post. If you choose to live as you want, to be a man, then you will encounter push back from her. She will test you, its totally normal. At this point you will choose your future. You can fall into her frame which will contribute to you losing her. You can maintain your frame and pass the test or you can maintain your frame and realize that she is no longer the woman that you want to devote time to. The choice is yours.



Until next time.

A Letter to My Sons About Porn

There has been a “letter” floating around Facebook recently that a woman has written to her young sons about the dangers of porn. Despite her best intentions her wording and the general feel of the letter will not resonate with her sons, they will reject it. Its time to stop treating boys like little girls and feminizing them by allowing women to raise them. Therefore, I’ve decided that I would write to my future sons about this issue.

Dear sons;
You will face many temptations throughout your life. They vary in size, scope and seriousness. I want to talk to you about the temptation that pornography will confront you with and the very real things that will happen to you if you indulge in watching it.
It is normal for you to like women. It is normal for women to like you, as a matter of fact if you listen to the advice that I give you about women they will be falling all over you when you get older. One of the most important lessons that you must learn in life is to never, ever be ashamed of your desires as a man. Never be ashamed of being a man. Avoiding porn is not about being ashamed of your desires, most of all it is about avoiding fantasy and avoiding the pitfalls of the beta male.
Watching porn will not make you go blind just as masturbation will not make you grow hair on your palms, these are old wives tales. What pornography and masturbation will do to you is weaken your will. Both will sap your male energy, your drive and your ambition. It will destroy the things that make other men look up to you and women desire you. You will need to start working on your character right now. Porn, drugs and immoderate use of alcohol will stunt that growth. For some guys it stunts the growth of their character for 20, 30 or 40 years! Don’t be one of those guys. Be a man.
Women desire a man of action, a man of character, a strong man who will lead them and protect them from their own emotional rollercoaster and the storms of life. When you meet a woman that you are going to want to spend the rest of your life with you will need to be the man, right then and there. There will be no practice session and no learning curve. The man must be in control, emotionally strong, a rock against the waves of her emotional storm. You will never become this man  by watching porn, you will be a shell of a man that she will soon lose attraction for. You will wind up watching other people have sex while she goes out and finds someone else to have sex with.
Before you know it, you will be my age. Life goes fast. Your wife will age. Listen to these words of mine; you must be the man that your wife respects and looks up to. Your wife must keep herself sexually attractive to you.  While she must keep herself attractive for you as she ages, you must also realize that neither of you will perpetually be 24 years old. Porn will give you unrealistic expectations of this. If you want your marriage to succeed, you will need to consistently be a man worthy of respect and demand that your wife take care of herself physically, and remain attractive to you. Friendship in marriage will develop only from proper gender roles in the marriage. Try to be your wife’s “friend” first and your marriage will fail, I guarantee it. Always, always, always keep the polarity strong.

Being involved in watching porn will drain the masculine energy from you. Have you seen men who radiate a charisma and masculine energy and strength? If you think that women love this, you’d be correct. These men do not watch porn, its antithetical to that energy. Watching porn will drain you of this energy and make it very difficult for you to talk to women, be competetive in sports and succeed in life. You will be a shell of a man.

Porn is addictive. Before you know it, you can easily have wasted hours in one sitting. Those are hours of your life that you will never get back, hours that you could have spent getting stronger, smarter, braver, closer to God.

These are some of the negative things that can happen to you by watching porn. What I want you to take away from this are the positive things that will happen to you by not watching porn. You will make wise use of your time. You will be a man, you will radiatate this masculine energy. While other guys are hunched over their phones watching other people have sex, you will stand out like a lighthouse. You will effortlessly attract women. You will be the kind of man that all the girls want. You will be able to channel your masculine energy into succeeding in life. You will build success upon success. You will be the envy of the boys and the comrade of men.

Does that sound good to you? Yeah, it sounds good to me too. Then you will be the man that I will be proud to call my son.


Respect. Its more than just an Aretha Franklin song. Respect is one of the most important things to a man. Respect encompasses his whole life.

According to Webster’s, respect means the following; “to feel or show honor or esteem for, consideration or regard.” In male interpersonal relationships respect is the currency. In a romantic relationship it is said that a woman needs love and a man needs respect. If she doesn’t respect you she will leave you. If she doesn’t respect you, you should move on. If she doesn’t respect you, there will be no fire or passion in the relationship, you will be “friends” forever.

To me there are three kinds of respect: baseline respect, earned respect and self respect.

Let’s start with self respect. People will treat you the way you feel you should be treated. Subconsciously you project your beliefs about yourself like a bright neon sign. People will respond to you accordingly. Much of how you feel about yourself comes down to your choices; how you behave, how you hold yourself, how well you challenge yourself and whether you do things that increase or decrease your T levels. A man must respect himself first. A man must behave like a man, plain and simple. He must pursue masculine pursuits. A man must not allow himself to be disrespected. A man must set goals and boundaries. If a man doesn’t respect himself no one else will. Self respect shows outwardly in posture, tone of voice and confidence. Strive to earn your own respect.

Baseline respect is what every living person gets. No matter what a person does, no matter how much we disagree with them or dislike them, they get the baseline of respect due to a person. At a point in my life I was the General Manager for a construction supply company. We had a large number of Mexican laborers coming in to purchase material. I had a great crew who all had respect for other people. What I realized was that when a new Mexican worker would come in they would be guarded, some downright hostile. After they encountered my sales crew they would change. They would usually leave our business with a smile and come back. The reason? Well, my guess is that they were treated like crap at our competitors’ lumber yards. They were treated with respect at our place. Its amazing what happens when you take the time to learn someone’s name and treat them like you would want to be treated. The other manifestation of baseline respect is the respect given to nature and animals. Don’t trash nature. Don’t harm animals. If it is necessary to kill an animal do it quickly with as little pain to the animal as possible.

Earned respect is the higher form of respect. This is what we as men strive for. Earned respect is acting in a way, not just talking, that commands the respect of other men. In the military, a new guy is just that; the new guy. He must do the crap jobs, he must undergo crappy treatment, he must prove himself worthy, by his deeds, of being part of the brotherhood. We should give baseline respect to all, yet never rely on it for ourselves. Respect is the pinnacle of masculine virtues. The funny thing about earned respect is that you cannot seek it, because at that point you are actually living for other people’s opinions. The way to gain earned respect is to seek your own self respect. Make masculine choices and commit to progressing in masculine virtues. As Jack Donovan calls it “be good at being a man”. Believe me, people will notice, and lets admit it, we all like that. In this case it will be a side benefit, the ultimate reward will be liking and respecting ourselves.


Valentine’s Day-Classical Man Style


As the beta tsunami, also known as “Valentine’s Day” barrels along towards its crest, here are some thoughts from the Classical Man.

1) Valentine’s Day is a commercially fabricated holiday. It exists only to sell stuff. Read this as: it exists only for guys to buy things for women.

2) The real St. Valentine was beheaded for his faith in ancient times, he wouldn’t recant what he believed in, even in the face of death. Now that is manly.

3) Many a guy is moving warp speed toward the “friend zone” right now, thinking that he can buy a woman’s affection with gifts. He would be much better off just not caring. Flowers do not equal sex.

4) Next week will be the week long, depressive waiting period for beta orbiters who have professed their love. They will be checking their phones obsessively looking for a response to their epic confession of undying romance, because after all, it works in the movies. Meanwhile back at the ranch, the object of his affection is busy trying to get the attention of the aloof alpha male who could care less about her.

5) Saturday night will be the night where the beta orbiters, nice guys and such will be sitting around whining about how they have no date this year for Valentine’s. They have done everything “right” yet she is out with that jerk instead of him. Keep being “nice” and maybe some woman will come to her senses and realize what a great guy you are next year. Yeah, keep telling yourself that.

The prescription:

Get to the gym

Watch an old school action movie, cowboy movie or martial arts movie. You can’t go wrong with John Wayne, Arnold, Stallone or Wesley Snipes.

Are you in a relationship? Then go get your girl something nice, don’t over do it, its just a token of your affection. The golden rule with gifts for women is this: if you are doing it with the intent of getting something back it will not work. Just give for the sake of giving, give from a place of strength.

Be the man that you want to be, go have fun, enjoy life.

Remember the real St. Valentine; a man who would not compromise his beliefs in the face of death.




When I was in 8th grade there was one particular girl whom every boy was in love with. She was absolutely beautiful. She was part Finnish which gave her an amazing look. Not only do I remember her, as I was one of those boys with the crush on her, but I also remember her father. He would come to pick her up from school. He was a kind man, and you could tell that he was very handsome. The other thing that you could also tell was that he had given up. He was a beaten man, he was depressed and looking back I can see that he had settled in his life. I heard that he and his wife later divorced. I don’t know why this happened but most likely there was no longer any polarity or attraction left in the marriage. He married because he was manipulated into it, she married because she was in love with an alpha who woulde degenerate into a beta, thereby losing all of her attraction and respect for him. I remember looking at this guy and thinking to myself, “being married sucks!”. I wanted no part of what he had; my 14 year old self realized that a miserable existence like that was not for me, not for any man. As I grew older it seemed that the hordes of depressed, married fathers driving mini vans only grew. I kept observing and realizing that not a single one of them had anything that I desired. I must admit that at this time these were confusing thoughts to me, after all this was the “way it was supposed to be” yet it seemed so wrong, so out of balance.

I once witnessed two co workers having birthdays on the same day. One was a female, the other male. They swapped birthday presents. He then gave her another one, then another one and then another one. She smiled, laughed, giggled and lost any attraction that she may have felt for him right then and there. He knows it deep down, yet if he is like most guys in America today he will continue to try to buy her affection with material gifts and sweet words and attention. Unfortunately he has not yet learned the cold, hard fact that giving women gifts does not in any way get you where you want to be, unless for some reason you want to be a girly man beta orbiter for years to come. While he is going to try to “nice guy” his way into her heart, she will be salivating for a man who confidently strolls through life, whom she can respect. She will do whatever it takes to win that man’s attention. Don’t get me wrong, she will let the beta orbiter hang around, maybe for years, because after all girls do like the attention.

So, this puts us in an interesting spot. If these two examples have nothing that we want, and actually turn us off, where do we go from here? Well, the answer is easy; be your own man. It is really amazing how so many things in life seem complicated yet can boiled down to their essence pretty easily. This is the whole truth about relationships. Chris Kyle in his book, “American Sniper” put it pretty well. His priorities were God, country, family; pure and simple. This comes from one of the greatest warriors of our age, a man whose life was cut way too short.

This is where we come to one of the most fundamental truths that I have discovered in relationships; women will stay with and respect a strong man who is willing to be kind, yet they will never, can never, respect a nice guy trying to be strong. In contemporary society, I believe that people mistake “niceness” for “kindness”. Let me elaborate; “nice” is about manipulation, control and trying to affect an outcome by behavior. it is actually a method of control. Deep down I believe that all “nice” guys are actually angry and passive aggressive. Kindness on the other hand comes from a position of strength, it is a moral virtue. Kindness is given with no expectation of repayment, it is chivalric. In order to be kind, a man must be strong. In order to be kind, a man must not care what others think about or have to say about him. In order to be kind a man must be willing to suffer ridicule. I believe that this is exactly what Jack Donovan wrote of in his book “The Way of Men”. In order to be a good man (kindness) a man must first be good at being a man (strength). Nice guys do finish last. This is not a travesty, it is a self inflicted death sentence. Kind men don’t finish last because they have already won by their strength and self respect.


Who is Your Tyler Durden?

If you have ever seen the movie “Fight Club” then you know exactly who I am writing about. You probably know exactly why as well. No matter where we are in life, the character of Tyler Durden resonates with all of us, for good reason.

Now, what I am addressing is not the Tyler Durden who was blowing stuff up, who was basically a terrorist. What I am talking about here is being the man who you want to be, none of the illegal stuff. So, I am not advising you to do anything illegal. Obey the laws. That being said, here is the rest of the post.

Authenticity is the reason why we all are drawn to this character. From the very first meeting on the airplane, Tyler stands in stark contrast to Edward Norton’s character. Norton is caught up in a fake world. He is caught up, as 99.99999% of American men are, in fakery, consumerism, and corporate slavery. His life consists of one “single serving” after another. He lives a depressing existence, his inner warrior is dying a slow, agonizing death. He is not true to himself. Think about it, his character doesn’t even have a name in the movie, he is just a cog in the machine. As a matter of fact, at the time of day that I began this post, most nameless cogs are sitting in traffic, on the way to a job that they despise, having left a home whose mortgage payments are choking him, with a woman who he doesn’t really feel attraction to anymore and who has absolutely no respect for him. There is no polarity  in the relationship. Sound familiar?

Enter Tyler Durden. Tyler has no pretensions, no apologies, he can’t be manipulated because he is not going to do something that doesn’t fit in his life’s mission or purpose. He is solid, he is present because he is not worrying about what the other person thinks, or trying to influence their thoughts with his words. He is not a “people pleaser”. He asks questions that make Norton uncomfortable because he is direct. Tyler’s appearance gives rise to a movement that takes on a life of its own because, as in real life, their was a majority of silently suffering men who needed to find direction. I think it was said very succinctly in one conversation, “We are a generation raised by women.”

Here is my question to you. Who is your Tyler Durden? Think about it, but the answer is simple; he is the man that you have always wanted to be. Tyler Durden is as different for Edward Norton’s character as he will be for me and for you and for your neighbor, coworker and friend. My fight club will be different than yours. For some it may be a real fight club, getting involved in some sort of martial art, for others it may be speaking up and letting their voice be heard, for someone else it may be taking the plunge and starting a business of his own, his dream job. It could be practicing assertive masculinity. The key is to be authentic, but in order to be authentic we must first find our purpose, and begin to formulate our goals. We can then begin to pull ourselves out of the “rat race” in all of its facets; including corporate and social; its all the same, its all poison. Political correctness, poison leaching into our bodies from soaps, deodorants, plastics, GMO food, factory farmed beef and chicken and pork, pollution, artificial lighting, smog, stress, etc have all taken their toll on our bodies, minds and souls. This is not how we are meant to live. Most guys will choose to live, or rather die this way, but we cannot. We will work for our dreams and goals, because we know that no one else will do it for us. So, while the dude who we spoke about earlier is dreaming about getting drunk on the weekend and playing Grand Theft Auto, we will be reaping the rewards of our hard work and discipline .

After his encounter with Durden and the founding of the fight club, Norton’s character undergoes a radical transformation. He realizes that the “reality” that he was living in was no reality at all. All the men in the fight club become transformed, with a clearer view of life and a definite vision of who they are. The world just looks different to them. At one point Norton makes the comment that after 1 month he didn’t even miss television. His thinking is cleared because the clutter has been removed from his life. Once the veil of the cathedral and all of its propagandistic minions is lifted there is only the clear, fresh reality.


I had some interesting conversations over this past week that have led me to think a lot about relationships and dating. There is conventional “wisdom” out there saying that being friends is the secret to a long lasting relationship. I know many people who strived for this friendship in their marriages, and most of them, if not all, are now divorced. Focusing on being friends destroys polarity.

Being “friended” happens for a variety of reasons. The “friend zone” is an impossible pill for an alpha male to swallow for two reasons; women find him attractive due to his behavior, therefore they would not put him in that mental “friend zone” category. Second, if she ever did want to put him in that category, he would never allow himself to be denigrated as such, he would walk, there are plenty of other women waiting in the wings for him.
So what does it boil down to? Respect. If a woman does not respect a man, she will not find him attractive. She can definitely think that he is “nice” and “sweet” and possibly her “best friend” but she will in no way have any attraction for him. I repeat, she will have not attraction for him whatsoever. Therefore, why would any man want to introduce friendship into his marriage?

Of course the question now becomes; “How do I gain her respect?”. The answer is simple; if a man respects himself, his woman will want to respect him. Self respect is a deep and consistent inner journey, it cannot be given, it must be earned. It is therefore beneficial for a man to learn to respect himself by becoming the man that he has always wanted to be. An essential element of being any man is a strong masculine character. This character is developed from being, from doing, from living, from experience. The stronger the masculine character the more polarity increases, the more polarity increases the more her femininity will increase in response. The major part of respect in a relationship comes from this very polarity. If one is a man, enjoys being a man, does manly things, behaves in a manly way, she will have no choice but to be in love with him.

A large part of self respect in a relationship is being able to walk. If she doesn’t treat the alpha man according the his expectations, he walks. If there is any behavior that is unacceptable to him, he walks. Any relationship will have its quirks and disagreements, but a man must know where he draws the line. A man must always have the ability to walk away, no matter what his feelings. Should he choose a long term relationship, he must keep the polarity up for life. Ultimately, the dynamics of a relationship boil down to this; the man keeps up the manliness, the polarity, she keeps up her physical appearance. She continues to dress nice, to wear makeup, to take care of her body.

In an attempt to provide the best content that I can for this site I often research other writers both in print and on the web. I signed up for newsletters in order to keep a finger on the pulse of what is going on out there. I now receive endless emails about “getting my ex girlfriend back”, “how to get 20 phone numbers this weekend”, “how to pick up on college girls”. That is all well and good, but what does it do for me? I can get my ex back, I can get those 20 phone numbers this weekend, but if I don’t have that masculine polarity none of it will matter. It will all just be a meaningless show. The key is to be a man, to enjoy being a man and not backing down from my beliefs. This is what the “Classical Man” is all about. This attracts women to men like white on rice.

Empire Building

Men build empires, its just one of the things that we do. While the vast majority of us will not be called to build an empire like Caesar or any of the French, British or Russian monarchs, we do need to build our own personal empires. An empire is nothing more than personal growth; we are either growing or we are dying. Even our leisure time must be filled with worthwhile pursuits, gaming is not one of these.

Empire building starts with personal growth and moves out from there. Where do you want your empire to be? What do you want it to be made of? Where do you plan on being financially in one year? Five years? The reason why empire building begins with personal growth is because you must know what you want. The operative word in that phrase is you. What do you want? What does your ideal version of yourself look like? What will it take for you to become him? What are your desires? What are your financial needs and goals?

Once you have your goals in place it is time to get to work. Yes, work….it takes dedication, perseverance and hard work to achieve your goals. Every man should have some business element in his empire building. Ultimately, the goal is to move away from a “job” and into entrepreneurship. Self sufficiency is key. After the initial excitement of a new plan wears off you will be stuck with the reality of the situation, this is where your inner strength and self discipline will make or break you. Even supposed friends will be intimidated by your drive and passion. These same friends will try to talk you out of your dreams, they will laugh at you, scorn you, make fun of you.  This is where most men decide that it was a whole lot easier to grab a bag of chips and live vicariously through someone else, either in movies or video games. You are not most men. Most men don’t build empires.

As the saying goes, “Rome was not built in a day.” Your empire won’t be built in a day either. As time goes by small successes turn into big ones. Then success builds upon success. Success has a smell that women can pick up a mile away. Now you look back on the struggle and pain to get where you are and it seems so minimal, the result was worth it. Now you have arrived, it is time to just put on cruise control and enjoy life? No, a man is always growing. In your growth process you have learned new things about yourself. You have learned new things about the world. You have learned new things about success. You now set your sites on a new territory to conquer for your personal empire and you do it all over again gladly.

To build your empire, you must educate yourself. You must know everything there is to know about your chosen field. The best way to learn is through reading and experience. You must be an avid reader. Not only will you learn from reading, but it will also challenge your language skills as well as critical thinking skills. Take notes of what you read, give yourself examples of ways that you can apply these lessons to your daily life. Ultimately, you will only solidify your learning by practical application. In his book Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki writes that rich people, when employed by others, see employment as a learning opportunity. In other words, watch how the business is run, take notes on what works and what doesn’t. Take notes on possible business opportunities. We can learn from others mistakes so that we do not have to make those same mistakes ourselves.

I wish you all the best in building your empire.