A Letter to My Sons About Porn

There has been a “letter” floating around Facebook recently that a woman has written to her young sons about the dangers of porn. Despite her best intentions her wording and the general feel of the letter will not resonate with her sons, they will reject it. Its time to stop treating boys like little girls and feminizing them by allowing women to raise them. Therefore, I’ve decided that I would write to my future sons about this issue.

Dear sons;
You will face many temptations throughout your life. They vary in size, scope and seriousness. I want to talk to you about the temptation that pornography will confront you with and the very real things that will happen to you if you indulge in watching it.
It is normal for you to like women. It is normal for women to like you, as a matter of fact if you listen to the advice that I give you about women they will be falling all over you when you get older. One of the most important lessons that you must learn in life is to never, ever be ashamed of your desires as a man. Never be ashamed of being a man. Avoiding porn is not about being ashamed of your desires, most of all it is about avoiding fantasy and avoiding the pitfalls of the beta male.
Watching porn will not make you go blind just as masturbation will not make you grow hair on your palms, these are old wives tales. What pornography and masturbation will do to you is weaken your will. Both will sap your male energy, your drive and your ambition. It will destroy the things that make other men look up to you and women desire you. You will need to start working on your character right now. Porn, drugs and immoderate use of alcohol will stunt that growth. For some guys it stunts the growth of their character for 20, 30 or 40 years! Don’t be one of those guys. Be a man.
Women desire a man of action, a man of character, a strong man who will lead them and protect them from their own emotional rollercoaster and the storms of life. When you meet a woman that you are going to want to spend the rest of your life with you will need to be the man, right then and there. There will be no practice session and no learning curve. The man must be in control, emotionally strong, a rock against the waves of her emotional storm. You will never become this man  by watching porn, you will be a shell of a man that she will soon lose attraction for. You will wind up watching other people have sex while she goes out and finds someone else to have sex with.
Before you know it, you will be my age. Life goes fast. Your wife will age. Listen to these words of mine; you must be the man that your wife respects and looks up to. Your wife must keep herself sexually attractive to you.  While she must keep herself attractive for you as she ages, you must also realize that neither of you will perpetually be 24 years old. Porn will give you unrealistic expectations of this. If you want your marriage to succeed, you will need to consistently be a man worthy of respect and demand that your wife take care of herself physically, and remain attractive to you. Friendship in marriage will develop only from proper gender roles in the marriage. Try to be your wife’s “friend” first and your marriage will fail, I guarantee it. Always, always, always keep the polarity strong.

Being involved in watching porn will drain the masculine energy from you. Have you seen men who radiate a charisma and masculine energy and strength? If you think that women love this, you’d be correct. These men do not watch porn, its antithetical to that energy. Watching porn will drain you of this energy and make it very difficult for you to talk to women, be competetive in sports and succeed in life. You will be a shell of a man.

Porn is addictive. Before you know it, you can easily have wasted hours in one sitting. Those are hours of your life that you will never get back, hours that you could have spent getting stronger, smarter, braver, closer to God.

These are some of the negative things that can happen to you by watching porn. What I want you to take away from this are the positive things that will happen to you by not watching porn. You will make wise use of your time. You will be a man, you will radiatate this masculine energy. While other guys are hunched over their phones watching other people have sex, you will stand out like a lighthouse. You will effortlessly attract women. You will be the kind of man that all the girls want. You will be able to channel your masculine energy into succeeding in life. You will build success upon success. You will be the envy of the boys and the comrade of men.

Does that sound good to you? Yeah, it sounds good to me too. Then you will be the man that I will be proud to call my son.

The Irresistable Man

Ok, turn down the volume on the cheesy love song, the real meat of this video is in the non verbal communication. Pay close attention. Actually, listen to the lyrics because this is how women want to feel, this is what a man does to them. What makes them feel this way is a masculine man. Be that man. More and more we need to go back to movies made in earlier times to see true alpha behavior, in particular with women.

I rewatched “Top Gun” recently. It is amazing how much has changed in thirty years. This is a movie about masculinity, pure and simple. It was a time where the military was still a man’s domain. It was a time of masculine competition between men who were striving to be the best at what they did. It was a time where being a man with women was a way to get her to fall in love with you. There is no angst in this movie. There is no main character coming to grips with his past or having an epiphany about the wrong headed masculine way he has gone about his life. This movie was so refreshing that it will become part of the official Classical Man movie collection.

A Manly Way to Take Care of Your Skin

What I am going to write about is an experience that I have had that helped my skin look better and healthier. The best part about it is that you don’t have to go all feminine or metrosexual about it, it really is a manly way to take care of yourself. Before we go any further I need to make this clear: I am not talking about conditions that require a doctors assistance or medication. I am talking about run of the mill daily dry skin, etc…

Our skin is like any other part of our bodies, we need to take care of it. We brush our teeth, go to the doctors, keep our nails short etc… The problem for men is that the products put out there to help our skin are all feminine. Really think about it, do you want to put on a exfoliating mask before going to bed? I didn’t think so. The other problem with heavily perfumed, commercial products is that these things lead us to a feminine way of thinking and feeling, they are sensual.

There were two things that bothered me in recent years. The first was that I would get dry, flaky skin on my face from shaving. The second was that in the winter I would get these dry, itchy rashes mostly on my arms. I had the doctor check those out and basically told me he could get me a cream to put on them. I declined that as it didn’t bother me that much.

I didn’t set out to remedy either of these problems really, I found the solutions by accident.

The first solution that I believe rid me of the dry, red, flaky skin on my arms was two fold. The first was that I began to take ice cold showers. I did this for the health benefits and T production. I noticed the past few winters that I have not gotten those dry, red flaky spots anymore. The only other thing that I believe it could be, and it probably didn’t hurt, was that I made the conscious decision several years ago to get away from commercially made, perfumed soaps and shampoos. I use just a plain bar, unscented soap now. It seems to me that hot water from showers combined with scented, non natural soaps probably gave me those spots.

In conjunction with the showers and plain bar soap, I went to all natural shaving and grooming supplies. Since I was a teenager I’ve shaved with a brush and “safety razor” like my grandfather did. In the past few years I made the transition to naturally made shaving soap. I also went away from using commercially made perfumed grooming products as well and went to a totally natural after shave and cologne. These products smell great, I often get compliments on the smell, as they smell very masculine and they are made from all natural products. A few months after making the switch my dry skin went away and has not returned.

On a side note: since I stopped using commercially made products I have noticed an real elevation in my mood. I just feel better inside, its hard to explain. There is research out there pointing to the damaging effect of these products on men’s well being and T levels. It is possible that many of these products are endocrine disruptors; they actually mess with your hormones. Its just food for thought.

I hope that my experience will help some guys out there, that is the purpose of this post. There is no scientific evidence here, just a bit of my own expereicne.


Valentine’s Day-Classical Man Style


As the beta tsunami, also known as “Valentine’s Day” barrels along towards its crest, here are some thoughts from the Classical Man.

1) Valentine’s Day is a commercially fabricated holiday. It exists only to sell stuff. Read this as: it exists only for guys to buy things for women.

2) The real St. Valentine was beheaded for his faith in ancient times, he wouldn’t recant what he believed in, even in the face of death. Now that is manly.

3) Many a guy is moving warp speed toward the “friend zone” right now, thinking that he can buy a woman’s affection with gifts. He would be much better off just not caring. Flowers do not equal sex.

4) Next week will be the week long, depressive waiting period for beta orbiters who have professed their love. They will be checking their phones obsessively looking for a response to their epic confession of undying romance, because after all, it works in the movies. Meanwhile back at the ranch, the object of his affection is busy trying to get the attention of the aloof alpha male who could care less about her.

5) Saturday night will be the night where the beta orbiters, nice guys and such will be sitting around whining about how they have no date this year for Valentine’s. They have done everything “right” yet she is out with that jerk instead of him. Keep being “nice” and maybe some woman will come to her senses and realize what a great guy you are next year. Yeah, keep telling yourself that.

The prescription:

Get to the gym

Watch an old school action movie, cowboy movie or martial arts movie. You can’t go wrong with John Wayne, Arnold, Stallone or Wesley Snipes.

Are you in a relationship? Then go get your girl something nice, don’t over do it, its just a token of your affection. The golden rule with gifts for women is this: if you are doing it with the intent of getting something back it will not work. Just give for the sake of giving, give from a place of strength.

Be the man that you want to be, go have fun, enjoy life.

Remember the real St. Valentine; a man who would not compromise his beliefs in the face of death.



A Must Read

This is a link to a free PDF by the author Jack Donovan. I highly recommend reading this for every man. I also highly recommend his book The Way of Men

Why Every Man Needs a Three Piece Suit

Every man needs to own a custom tailored 3 piece suit. The 3 piece is the most versatile of suit styles as you can wear it as 3 piece or a standard 2 piece without the vest. Wearing a custom tailored three piece suit to any function makes a man stand out above the rest.

Lets face it, most men do not know how to dress. We have become more and more casual over the years to the point that shorts, t-shirts and tennis shoes have become standard dress for most “guys”. That is fine for “guys” and boys, but it is not worthy of a man. A man needs to know how to look good. Looking good is vastly different than being overly concerned about one’s looks, the classical man is no metrosexual. Knowing how to look good and look sharp is an essential element of being a man. To paraphrase Tom Ford, shorts belong at the beach or at the tennis court. If you are not used to dressing well, then you are at the beginning of a very fruitful journey. The man who dresses well immediately attracts the attention of the opposite sex. The man who dresses well also grabs the attention of passers by and possible business contacts. People will treat you differently when you dress well, it is a difference that you will easily get used to.

The three piece suit will cost you a little more than a two piece, but I encourage you to spend the money for the versatility. If it is your first, or only suit, I would encourage you to go with navy blue or black. These are the two standard colours for men. If you have other suits already you may want to consider a lighter colour such as tan, which is a classic for a summer suit. For your business dealings a pinstripe suit is the ultimate in classical boardroom power.

I will provide a link at the bottom of the page for custom tailored clothing, including three piece suits. You design the suit yourself and it is made just for you. For a custom tailored suit the affordability is unsurpassed. I myself own several suits and custom fitted shirts from this company and am extremely happy with my purchases. Are you not so sure about designing a custom tailored suit? The interactive 3D program allows you to go step by step. You can also add an element of fun to the process and ask one of your lady friends over to help you design the suit. Believe me, they love stuff like that. While she will be helpful, remember that the ultimate decision about your suit is yours and yours alone.

This link will automatically put you at the custom tailored shirt page, at the bottom you will see the navigation menu for other clothing options.


Until next time.