Why You Should Be A Nationalist.

What is a nationalist? It is someone who loves their culture, their ways and traditions. Contrary to the hive mind propaganda, being a nationalist has absolutely nothing to do with being a racist, fascist or Nazi. Being a nationalist means that you look out for the interests of your people. Being a nationalist allows you to recognize other’s pride in their own people, traditions, religion and customs as well. How can that be? Its simple. Here’s an example: Do you have a family? Do you look after your family? Do you protect your children? Do you work to put food on the table? Do you protect your wife? The answer is no doubt “yes” to all of these questions. Now, do you appreciate and understand your best friends commitment to his family? Of course you do. Do you want his family to do well? Do you want his wife and children to be protected? Of course you do. Would you even help his family in time of need to reach their goals? Of course you would. Ultimately though, you are solely responsible for your family and their welfare. This is nationalism on a very small scale.

In America we live in a culture and society that is anti tradition. Tradition is really too deep for us because it means commitment to something more than television shows and beer. It scares us to think that there are people willing to die for something. A man needs to know where he comes from. He needs to honor his ancestors. He needs to be working towards the man that his ancestors would be proud of. This is not an easy task.

The first step to becoming a nationalist is to explore your roots. Find out all that you can about your family and your ancestors; the good, the bad and the ugly. If you don’t know the traditions of your culture, learn them. You need to speak the language of your ancestors. You can get a basic idea and some good leads on the internet but it will eventually be necessary to connect with people. See if there is a cultural organization in your area. Churches tend to be places where traditions are kept pretty closely, both ethnic and religious.

Dig a little deeper into your heritage and one thing that you will be certain to find is traditional gender roles. In America many immigrant communities lose this after the first generation, but the seeds are still there in all cultures. If you wish to get married and settle down, this is a great place to meet a potential wife. Don’t rule out going overseas either. You will find as you dig deeper into your cultural heritage that matronly, feminine women are prized over all. If you are looking for a real, stable marriage you will need to look overseas nowadays. American women are not worth marrying. Find a woman who is also a nationalist. She will be the encouragement and support that you need as well as a suitable mother for your offspring.

Learn the warrior roots of  you heritage. Learn the tales of famous warriors, find paintings, statues or pictures of them online and get one for you office or study. I find that it helps me tremendously pre-workout to think on my ancestors a bit, particularly the warrior aspect; it invigorates me. I also listen to music from my culture while I lift weights.

Once you have dug deeper into this part of your identity hold fast to it. Make it a part of your very fabric. Although women are not the primary reason why we do anything, having a strong identity is like catnip to them. It’s just an added bonus for you.

Finally, after time and true integration into your own life you must pass this on to the next generation. Whether it be your own sons, your nephews, cousins it doesn’t matter. This is the essence of tradition, that it is past down form one generation to another. It is a sacred duty for all men.

If you have any experience with this yourself please comment to help your brothers out.

Until next time.


A Letter to My Sons About Porn

There has been a “letter” floating around Facebook recently that a woman has written to her young sons about the dangers of porn. Despite her best intentions her wording and the general feel of the letter will not resonate with her sons, they will reject it. Its time to stop treating boys like little girls and feminizing them by allowing women to raise them. Therefore, I’ve decided that I would write to my future sons about this issue.

Dear sons;
You will face many temptations throughout your life. They vary in size, scope and seriousness. I want to talk to you about the temptation that pornography will confront you with and the very real things that will happen to you if you indulge in watching it.
It is normal for you to like women. It is normal for women to like you, as a matter of fact if you listen to the advice that I give you about women they will be falling all over you when you get older. One of the most important lessons that you must learn in life is to never, ever be ashamed of your desires as a man. Never be ashamed of being a man. Avoiding porn is not about being ashamed of your desires, most of all it is about avoiding fantasy and avoiding the pitfalls of the beta male.
Watching porn will not make you go blind just as masturbation will not make you grow hair on your palms, these are old wives tales. What pornography and masturbation will do to you is weaken your will. Both will sap your male energy, your drive and your ambition. It will destroy the things that make other men look up to you and women desire you. You will need to start working on your character right now. Porn, drugs and immoderate use of alcohol will stunt that growth. For some guys it stunts the growth of their character for 20, 30 or 40 years! Don’t be one of those guys. Be a man.
Women desire a man of action, a man of character, a strong man who will lead them and protect them from their own emotional rollercoaster and the storms of life. When you meet a woman that you are going to want to spend the rest of your life with you will need to be the man, right then and there. There will be no practice session and no learning curve. The man must be in control, emotionally strong, a rock against the waves of her emotional storm. You will never become this man  by watching porn, you will be a shell of a man that she will soon lose attraction for. You will wind up watching other people have sex while she goes out and finds someone else to have sex with.
Before you know it, you will be my age. Life goes fast. Your wife will age. Listen to these words of mine; you must be the man that your wife respects and looks up to. Your wife must keep herself sexually attractive to you.  While she must keep herself attractive for you as she ages, you must also realize that neither of you will perpetually be 24 years old. Porn will give you unrealistic expectations of this. If you want your marriage to succeed, you will need to consistently be a man worthy of respect and demand that your wife take care of herself physically, and remain attractive to you. Friendship in marriage will develop only from proper gender roles in the marriage. Try to be your wife’s “friend” first and your marriage will fail, I guarantee it. Always, always, always keep the polarity strong.

Being involved in watching porn will drain the masculine energy from you. Have you seen men who radiate a charisma and masculine energy and strength? If you think that women love this, you’d be correct. These men do not watch porn, its antithetical to that energy. Watching porn will drain you of this energy and make it very difficult for you to talk to women, be competetive in sports and succeed in life. You will be a shell of a man.

Porn is addictive. Before you know it, you can easily have wasted hours in one sitting. Those are hours of your life that you will never get back, hours that you could have spent getting stronger, smarter, braver, closer to God.

These are some of the negative things that can happen to you by watching porn. What I want you to take away from this are the positive things that will happen to you by not watching porn. You will make wise use of your time. You will be a man, you will radiatate this masculine energy. While other guys are hunched over their phones watching other people have sex, you will stand out like a lighthouse. You will effortlessly attract women. You will be the kind of man that all the girls want. You will be able to channel your masculine energy into succeeding in life. You will build success upon success. You will be the envy of the boys and the comrade of men.

Does that sound good to you? Yeah, it sounds good to me too. Then you will be the man that I will be proud to call my son.

Assertive Masculinity Part II





Another essential aspect of assertive masculinity  is masculine energy. What is masculine energy? I’m not sure that it can even be put into words. When a man has it you can see it and you can feel it. You can even see it in still photography, you know when a man has it. Women can spot it from a mile away and find it both irresistible and rare nowadays. I have finally found an explanation on this topic that has eluded me for a while. This explanation comes from Mishima’s commentary on the Hagakure, the Samurai code. In it he touches on the virility of men. He touches on mania. The author of the Hagakure states that greatness cannot be achieved in a normal state of mind. Men must be virile, they must act like men. This is why it is so disturbing to those who do not possess it. This is why people try to denigrate the jock, the masculine and the military man. These men, among others, posses a sort of mania, a masculine frenzy. This is what makes them successful. People may think what they want, but according to the author of the Hagakure, “Greatness does not happen in a normal state of mind.”

That being said, how can we gain masculine energy? Where does it come from?

Masculine energy could best be described as the overflow of a man’s internal state, its authentic, it cannot be faked. “Modeling” is of the utmost importance here. A man should have several role models that exhibit this energy. Having at least one who is living and observable is essential but the rest can be men from history, or even a fictional character that resonates with you. The important thing is to keep it as a tool that will advance you to your goal, rather than getting stuck in only acting as if and not being. Here are some of the things that can be used to cultivate your masculine energy. I will give one word of warning; as with respect you can only cultivate masculine energy for yourself, not for others.

Being the Man:  Years ago a good friend of mine made a very astute observation. He claimed that women are attracted to a strong man willing to be kind rather than a nice guy trying to be strong. There is a lot of wisdom in this saying. An alpha doesn’t judge people, he protects all, he shows all respect. In order to make any of the following work for you, you must first be “good at being a man”. Plain and simple. This is really the fun part of the whole thing. Be unashamed to be a man. Do the masculine things that you want to do! Life is worth living.

Posture: Posture is both a reflection of how you see yourself as well as a signal to others of your status. Posture must be actively worked on daily. There is a cause and effect relationship here; the better you feel about yourself, the better the posture, the better the posture the better you feel about yourself. Personally I have worked these exercises into my routine and they have helped tremendously. Give them time, it did take me about 6 months to start feeling the results.

Vocal tone: Like your posture your vocal tone and timbre of speech contribute to your masculine energy. Like posture this is both a cause and effect. Speak clearly, say less, speak audibly, and deeply. The more you do this the more masculine you will feel. The more masculine you feel the deeper you will speak.

Confidence: Ahhh…confidence. The Holy Grail that every man is seemingly in search of.  “Confidence” has been thrown around for the past ten years over the internet as the magic elixir for picking up women. While it certainly helps with the opposite sex, confidence is much deeper than that. Confidence is needed in every day life, in both the mundane and the extraordinary. Confidence is gained by expanding your comfort zone. Confidence can be gained only by action and proper thought. If you lack confidence there are two things that will help. First, you must think confidently. See yourself as someone who is competent and courageous, able to do the things that you set out to do. Journaling and daily quiet time will be necessary for this. You must also actively engage your thinking. Often, lack of confidence will come from your past experiences and your thinking gets caught up in a vicious, unconfident, fearful cycle. Its going to take work but the rewards will be worth it. Secondly, it is important to push yourself in your actions. Often, the most mundane things are causes of anxiety. Do you not like crowds? Force yourself to go to a party. Are you shy? Force yourself to talk to several people, particularly women each day. These may seem like trivial matters, but the little things add up to big things. Ultimately confidence is gained by action.

Friendliness: Jack Donovan compares the alpha male to an “older brother” figure. I agree with this. One of the characteristics is an easy going friendliness. Very masculine men who are confident are extremely friendly, kind and approachable. As a matter of fact, this is one of the reasons why so many people are attracted to them. They are also a father type figure. They are warm. Be interested in the world around you. Many big time alphas are knowledgeable about other cultures, well travelled and speak other languages.

Caring: This goes right along with the friendliness. Caring has often been portrayed as a “feminine trait” which it is, if it is expressed in a feminine way. Think of the stern master seargent or master chief in the military. They are stoic disciplinarians, and you don’t want to get on their bad side. Really, this sterness is caring. They must be the strict in order to teach men to survive almost unsurvivable situations. Often, a masculine man needs to be very stern, the disciplinarian. He does this in his role at work and particularly in the home. This comes from his ultimate care of the one whom he disciplines and cannot be compared to putting someone else down in order to elevate himself.

Virility: To me this is something that we often overlook. I have met several very masculine men in my life who were in their 70’s yet maintained this youthful kind of energy and enthusiasm. If my memory serves me, the things they had in common were as follows: they were either retired or ex military, police or they were foreigners. They were all physically active, mentally sharp, aware, friendly and paternal. What does it mean to be virile? Virility is strength, drive, manliness and even your sex drive. Virility encompasses all of these above mentioned qualities; I never met and older, virile man who was angry, depressed or complaining. Much of this virility comes from a long held belief in their own masculinity and a positive type of entitlement, particularly in regards to women and how they expect to be treated by women. As I think about it these men in their later years also possess clarity and acuity. This is how important T levels are in older age. No matter how old you are in the present moment, now is the time to start. Don’t let yourself degenerate in thought. Study a foreign language, music or simply study things that will interest you and keep your brain working. Never stop learning. The other thing that I noticed about these men is that all of them were fit even into their 70’s and 80’s.



The Irresistable Man

Ok, turn down the volume on the cheesy love song, the real meat of this video is in the non verbal communication. Pay close attention. Actually, listen to the lyrics because this is how women want to feel, this is what a man does to them. What makes them feel this way is a masculine man. Be that man. More and more we need to go back to movies made in earlier times to see true alpha behavior, in particular with women.

I rewatched “Top Gun” recently. It is amazing how much has changed in thirty years. This is a movie about masculinity, pure and simple. It was a time where the military was still a man’s domain. It was a time of masculine competition between men who were striving to be the best at what they did. It was a time where being a man with women was a way to get her to fall in love with you. There is no angst in this movie. There is no main character coming to grips with his past or having an epiphany about the wrong headed masculine way he has gone about his life. This movie was so refreshing that it will become part of the official Classical Man movie collection.

Cold Showers and Excellence

After taking ice cold showers in the morning for several years, I recently realized what I had truly learned from these showers.

What I realized is that I was doing the bare minimum, just kind of sucking it up and getting it over with. This was fine, but after a while I needed to grow. It was then that I realized this was a moment to excel, to push myself. The cold shower itself was uncomfortable enough, but forcing myself to stand under it the complete time and other small adjustments enabled me to push myself further.

There is a huge difference between doing something, even something strong or noble, with an aggressive attitude or a defensive attitude. The difference lies in this: with any combat sport if you get back on your heels and just block punches you will eventually get hit. Actually, you are gonna get pulverized. If you get aggressive, block and counter you may still get hit, but you are going to move the fight in your direction.

How many times have you gone into the gym to crush a workout and only wound up doing the bare minimum to call it a work out? Yes, you did it, but did you do it with excellence? This is difficult. One of the temptations in being task oriented is to become robotic just doing the task and crossing it off of your list. Don’t get me wrong, laying the foundation of making lists and completing them is necessary, but this is a stage that you must grow out of. The next stage is deeper, this is the arena where you battle not only your physical limitations but your emotional and spiritual limitations as well. This is a battle that we will all face for the rest of our lives.

The lesson applies to all facets of our existence. In work it will make the difference between a life of mediocrity and a life of excellence. For instance, if you have a blog in the hopes of making money you will want to work on it daily. You can write a few sentences here and there. Technically you’ve done what you set out to do; the bare minimum. The other option is to write, research, learn and doing whatever it takes to make your blog a success. This is excellence.

I recently began reading an autobiography of a man who completed Kyokushin Karate’s “30 Man Kumite”. For those unfamiliar with this, it is a grueling sparring session against 30 men consecutively for 1 minute each. The skill of the fighters faced also increases with each man. There are some certified bad asses roaming this planet who have also completed the “100 Man Kumite” and a “300 Man Kumite”. I digress. This book is interesting in that it is really the author’s karate autobiography. The point is that all of his training for his whole life came down to this moment, it prepared him for this moment. All of the difficult training was its own philosophy, it taught him what he needed to learn. It taught him to understand in strength. Had the author not pursued excellence in his training at all times he may not have been passed this test later in his life.

It takes work and strength of mind to build ourselves up in this way. We live in a society where people expect accolades for just showing up. We also live in a society where appearing to be is just as good as actually being. We all want the rewards without the blood, sweat and tears. This is one of the many, many benefits of the combat arts; when you get into the ring or on the mat with someone else you are authentic, there is no faking your skills. There are no excuses, you find out who you really are and what you are made of. I recently watched a documentary on Vice’s “Fightland” about a dojo in Amman, Jordan. One interviewee, a very religious man, stressed how he was planning on fighting in the ring because he said, “I don’t want to lie to others and I don’t want to lie to myself.” He wanted to find out exactly what he was made of. He was searching for authenticity. This is a truly noble search.


Understanding in Strength

My absolute favorite prose written about lifting weights is Henry Rollin’s “The Iron”. Its just phenomenal. In it he cites Yukio Mishima on strength. Mishima said that he could not contemplate romance unless he was strong. This really resonated with me and to be frank its something that I’ve written about extensively in my own journaling. What I have come up with is that in order to understand anything I must understand it in strength. I can only understand life when I am strong. These revelations have made a profound impact on my life.

Often when I was younger I searched for something that I could not put into words. What I searched for was a masculine identity. I searched like a thirsty man in the desert, looking for some sort of oasis to quench my unquenchable thirst. I didn’t find it. What was offered to me as masculinity was like drinking diet soda, people say it has great taste but its just not the same as the real deal. At the same time I was bombarded at school by female teachers treating me like there was something wrong with me for being interested in the things that boys are interested in. I found that there were sanctioned places to be men and I tried them only to find them utterly useless and disappointing. I knew there was more.

When writing in private on some of Mishima’s writings I have isolated what I searched for. Authentic masculinity is on the fringes. I thought about what my junior high and high school teachers would have thought about Mishima. He would have been branded a fanatic, a rebel on the fringes, someone counter to the zeitgeist of the times that is held so dear. This is exactly where Mishima’s authenticity lies. He is on the fringes, he scares because of his authenticity. He is what Ernst Junger would call the “Forest rebel”. I don’t know about his homeosexuality or bisexuality, these things seem up for debate, I will let others debate him. For our purposes he was a man with a background much like many of us today. One important thing that the young Yukio encountered was being raised by women and around girls a lot as a child. This had a profound impact on his life. Now comes the line of departure; he knew that he wasn’t getting what he needed to get to become a man, so he did what he needed to do to change it. He had an Epiphany of sorts and made the appropriate changes. I laugh when I read critics talking about how he swung in the opposite direction to a “hypermasculinity”. What else was he supposed to do? Just sit there and take it like the rest of them? No, he began to get into natural bodybuilding, martial arts and swordsmanship. He lamented that the spiritual aspect of the samurai code was no longer being passed down from father to son in Japan.

These experiences led Mishima to understand that strength comes first. As Henry Rollins says in the Iron, ” a strong body will produce strong thoughts.” This is right out of Mishima’s classic “Sun and Steel”. Training and excercises in self discipline condition the mind to think in a strong way. I have seen in my own life that particularly with weight training, the greatest limitation on my progress are my own thoughts. Right now is all that we have, right now is the time to change our thinking. Right now is the time to be strong.

Thinking in a strong way is difficult, we are not taught to do this, its actually discouraged. I would venture to guess that very few men are taught how to think in a strong manner today. Some try to compensate with braggadocio and putting others down. Others embrace their “feminine side” or cede any remaining scrap of their masculinity to women. Neither of these ways of thinking are strong ways of thinking. Strong thinking is incredibly difficult. I don’t pretend to know it, as a matter of fact, through my journaling I only recently became able to put it into words. What I do know is that when I practice it my entire world is turned upside down. I feel positive, strong, a sense of well being and my creativity doubles. My workouts also improve dramatically in intensity. I do not accept anything less than living up to my commitments to myself.

Understanding in strength is the masculine way, the way of the warrior. We must first seek strength. We must be true to ourselves. Every time that we sell ourselves out we feel the repurcussions in our lives. Mishima understood this well when he wrote, “Cowardly words make the heart itself cowardly, and being regarded by others as a coward is the same as being a coward. The slightest flaw in word or deed causes the collapse of one’s philosophy of life. This can be a hard truth to bear.”


A Manly Way to Take Care of Your Skin

What I am going to write about is an experience that I have had that helped my skin look better and healthier. The best part about it is that you don’t have to go all feminine or metrosexual about it, it really is a manly way to take care of yourself. Before we go any further I need to make this clear: I am not talking about conditions that require a doctors assistance or medication. I am talking about run of the mill daily dry skin, etc…

Our skin is like any other part of our bodies, we need to take care of it. We brush our teeth, go to the doctors, keep our nails short etc… The problem for men is that the products put out there to help our skin are all feminine. Really think about it, do you want to put on a exfoliating mask before going to bed? I didn’t think so. The other problem with heavily perfumed, commercial products is that these things lead us to a feminine way of thinking and feeling, they are sensual.

There were two things that bothered me in recent years. The first was that I would get dry, flaky skin on my face from shaving. The second was that in the winter I would get these dry, itchy rashes mostly on my arms. I had the doctor check those out and basically told me he could get me a cream to put on them. I declined that as it didn’t bother me that much.

I didn’t set out to remedy either of these problems really, I found the solutions by accident.

The first solution that I believe rid me of the dry, red, flaky skin on my arms was two fold. The first was that I began to take ice cold showers. I did this for the health benefits and T production. I noticed the past few winters that I have not gotten those dry, red flaky spots anymore. The only other thing that I believe it could be, and it probably didn’t hurt, was that I made the conscious decision several years ago to get away from commercially made, perfumed soaps and shampoos. I use just a plain bar, unscented soap now. It seems to me that hot water from showers combined with scented, non natural soaps probably gave me those spots.

In conjunction with the showers and plain bar soap, I went to all natural shaving and grooming supplies. Since I was a teenager I’ve shaved with a brush and “safety razor” like my grandfather did. In the past few years I made the transition to naturally made shaving soap. I also went away from using commercially made perfumed grooming products as well and went to a totally natural after shave and cologne. These products smell great, I often get compliments on the smell, as they smell very masculine and they are made from all natural products. A few months after making the switch my dry skin went away and has not returned.

On a side note: since I stopped using commercially made products I have noticed an real elevation in my mood. I just feel better inside, its hard to explain. There is research out there pointing to the damaging effect of these products on men’s well being and T levels. It is possible that many of these products are endocrine disruptors; they actually mess with your hormones. Its just food for thought.

I hope that my experience will help some guys out there, that is the purpose of this post. There is no scientific evidence here, just a bit of my own expereicne.



Respect. Its more than just an Aretha Franklin song. Respect is one of the most important things to a man. Respect encompasses his whole life.

According to Webster’s, respect means the following; “to feel or show honor or esteem for, consideration or regard.” In male interpersonal relationships respect is the currency. In a romantic relationship it is said that a woman needs love and a man needs respect. If she doesn’t respect you she will leave you. If she doesn’t respect you, you should move on. If she doesn’t respect you, there will be no fire or passion in the relationship, you will be “friends” forever.

To me there are three kinds of respect: baseline respect, earned respect and self respect.

Let’s start with self respect. People will treat you the way you feel you should be treated. Subconsciously you project your beliefs about yourself like a bright neon sign. People will respond to you accordingly. Much of how you feel about yourself comes down to your choices; how you behave, how you hold yourself, how well you challenge yourself and whether you do things that increase or decrease your T levels. A man must respect himself first. A man must behave like a man, plain and simple. He must pursue masculine pursuits. A man must not allow himself to be disrespected. A man must set goals and boundaries. If a man doesn’t respect himself no one else will. Self respect shows outwardly in posture, tone of voice and confidence. Strive to earn your own respect.

Baseline respect is what every living person gets. No matter what a person does, no matter how much we disagree with them or dislike them, they get the baseline of respect due to a person. At a point in my life I was the General Manager for a construction supply company. We had a large number of Mexican laborers coming in to purchase material. I had a great crew who all had respect for other people. What I realized was that when a new Mexican worker would come in they would be guarded, some downright hostile. After they encountered my sales crew they would change. They would usually leave our business with a smile and come back. The reason? Well, my guess is that they were treated like crap at our competitors’ lumber yards. They were treated with respect at our place. Its amazing what happens when you take the time to learn someone’s name and treat them like you would want to be treated. The other manifestation of baseline respect is the respect given to nature and animals. Don’t trash nature. Don’t harm animals. If it is necessary to kill an animal do it quickly with as little pain to the animal as possible.

Earned respect is the higher form of respect. This is what we as men strive for. Earned respect is acting in a way, not just talking, that commands the respect of other men. In the military, a new guy is just that; the new guy. He must do the crap jobs, he must undergo crappy treatment, he must prove himself worthy, by his deeds, of being part of the brotherhood. We should give baseline respect to all, yet never rely on it for ourselves. Respect is the pinnacle of masculine virtues. The funny thing about earned respect is that you cannot seek it, because at that point you are actually living for other people’s opinions. The way to gain earned respect is to seek your own self respect. Make masculine choices and commit to progressing in masculine virtues. As Jack Donovan calls it “be good at being a man”. Believe me, people will notice, and lets admit it, we all like that. In this case it will be a side benefit, the ultimate reward will be liking and respecting ourselves.


Valentine’s Day-Classical Man Style


As the beta tsunami, also known as “Valentine’s Day” barrels along towards its crest, here are some thoughts from the Classical Man.

1) Valentine’s Day is a commercially fabricated holiday. It exists only to sell stuff. Read this as: it exists only for guys to buy things for women.

2) The real St. Valentine was beheaded for his faith in ancient times, he wouldn’t recant what he believed in, even in the face of death. Now that is manly.

3) Many a guy is moving warp speed toward the “friend zone” right now, thinking that he can buy a woman’s affection with gifts. He would be much better off just not caring. Flowers do not equal sex.

4) Next week will be the week long, depressive waiting period for beta orbiters who have professed their love. They will be checking their phones obsessively looking for a response to their epic confession of undying romance, because after all, it works in the movies. Meanwhile back at the ranch, the object of his affection is busy trying to get the attention of the aloof alpha male who could care less about her.

5) Saturday night will be the night where the beta orbiters, nice guys and such will be sitting around whining about how they have no date this year for Valentine’s. They have done everything “right” yet she is out with that jerk instead of him. Keep being “nice” and maybe some woman will come to her senses and realize what a great guy you are next year. Yeah, keep telling yourself that.

The prescription:

Get to the gym

Watch an old school action movie, cowboy movie or martial arts movie. You can’t go wrong with John Wayne, Arnold, Stallone or Wesley Snipes.

Are you in a relationship? Then go get your girl something nice, don’t over do it, its just a token of your affection. The golden rule with gifts for women is this: if you are doing it with the intent of getting something back it will not work. Just give for the sake of giving, give from a place of strength.

Be the man that you want to be, go have fun, enjoy life.

Remember the real St. Valentine; a man who would not compromise his beliefs in the face of death.



Be, Do, Mentor, Teach

I was at one of my Krav Maga sessions last night when I realized something. I’ve been working out at this place for close to 5 years and I really noticed last night how there are getting to be more and more women there. Before I go further I must say that I don’t really have a problem with women studying martial arts. If I had a daughter you can bet that she would be taking martial arts lessons and learning how to shoot. I like when women tell me that they are getting their concealed handgun license or I see them at the range.

That being said, my major concern is; where are the men? Men need the company of other men. Men need to train with other men. Boys and those learning need to be taught by men who have experienced what they are teaching.

No one can teach what they don’t know. You can convey theory, you can teach figures and dates but when the rubber hits the road you must have the experience to pass on to another generation. This is one of the beauties of any combat art; you can talk all you want but when the fighting starts all present will see what you are really capable of. Women cannot teach boys to be men, nor can they teach men to be warriors.

Why are men dropping out? They are dropping out of things like the martial arts. Black men, white men, Hispanic men, Asian men, they are all dropping out of the workforce. The last time I hired someone in March of 2014, I interviewed about 35 people; 2 of them were men.

All things around us are becoming feminized. The very structure of life is being built around women now. From the education system to the local dojo and places of employment societal structure favours the feminine. Men, especially those who are searching for their purpose and sense of self, feel lost in this quagmire. They want to be masculine men, but are afraid that there is something wrong with that, after all this is what they’ve been told since kindergarten.

Jack Donovan makes an excellent point in “The Way of Men”. He writes that no one at the higher levels of politics or society will do anything about this. There is too much money being made by too many people across the political spectrum to effect any change. He proposes that we start locally, on a personal level. I completely agree. Here are several things that every one of us can do daily to make a difference:

1) Be the man. Your masculine development is of tantamount importance. It is your birthright and your calling. Become the man that you want to be. Reading and knowledge is important,  but only action will get you there. Stand tall, stand proud of who you are, be not ashamed of thy masculinity.

2) As you grow in your masculinity it is time to teach and mentor. How do you know when you are at that point? You will know by feedback from other people. You won’t solicit this feedback, when people see that you are good at being a man they will let you know. They will tell you things like how protected they feel when you are around, how much integrity you have, how much of a difference that you have made in someone else’s life, how you are like a father figure to an organization. You will start to see these things as well, you will start to notice how both men and women are affected by your presence and your unwavering manliness, they are drawn to you. Be involved in life.

3) Spend time with men more than women. Male bonding is essential. When possible find male teachers for things that you want to learn. Start some sort of manly organization. Spar with other men, work out with other men, go shooting with other men. Spending too much time around women dulls our senses and our edge. Always have polarity with women.

4) Challenge yourself and learn. Find men who possess virtues and strengths that you are working on and learn from them. Read and educate yourself. The established educational system has absolutely no use for you being an educated man; that is the last thing they want, they fear it. Learn on your own and challenge them. None of us will ever be a complete man, there will always be someone who is more alpha than us. We must humbly accept this and open ourselves to learning from other men as well.

5) Divest yourself from shame. When I was in my early teens we moved from the east coast to the west coast. I remember school, my teachers, and television teaching me to be ashamed for being a man. I learned shame for wanting manly things, for being a man, the masculine idols that I looked up to were trashed, replaced with more gender neutral, harmless beings. The level of shame that I felt for being a man was oppressive to a teenager looking for his place in the world, it was discouraging. It takes a conscious rejection of this system to overcome it, that is what I had to do. I believe that this shame alone is enough to subdue ones testosterone, but that is just my personal opinion. You must realize that all these thoughts and impressions are smoke and mirrors designed to oppress your soul, don’t listen to them. Don’t allow anyone to shame you for being a man or for anything about you, the greatest freedom is to be yourself. Once again: be not ashamed of thy masculinity.

Masculinity is a perishable skill, if we don’t use it and cultivate it daily, we will absolutely lose it.