Why You Should Be A Nationalist.

What is a nationalist? It is someone who loves their culture, their ways and traditions. Contrary to the hive mind propaganda, being a nationalist has absolutely nothing to do with being a racist, fascist or Nazi. Being a nationalist means that you look out for the interests of your people. Being a nationalist allows you to recognize other’s pride in their own people, traditions, religion and customs as well. How can that be? Its simple. Here’s an example: Do you have a family? Do you look after your family? Do you protect your children? Do you work to put food on the table? Do you protect your wife? The answer is no doubt “yes” to all of these questions. Now, do you appreciate and understand your best friends commitment to his family? Of course you do. Do you want his family to do well? Do you want his wife and children to be protected? Of course you do. Would you even help his family in time of need to reach their goals? Of course you would. Ultimately though, you are solely responsible for your family and their welfare. This is nationalism on a very small scale.

In America we live in a culture and society that is anti tradition. Tradition is really too deep for us because it means commitment to something more than television shows and beer. It scares us to think that there are people willing to die for something. A man needs to know where he comes from. He needs to honor his ancestors. He needs to be working towards the man that his ancestors would be proud of. This is not an easy task.

The first step to becoming a nationalist is to explore your roots. Find out all that you can about your family and your ancestors; the good, the bad and the ugly. If you don’t know the traditions of your culture, learn them. You need to speak the language of your ancestors. You can get a basic idea and some good leads on the internet but it will eventually be necessary to connect with people. See if there is a cultural organization in your area. Churches tend to be places where traditions are kept pretty closely, both ethnic and religious.

Dig a little deeper into your heritage and one thing that you will be certain to find is traditional gender roles. In America many immigrant communities lose this after the first generation, but the seeds are still there in all cultures. If you wish to get married and settle down, this is a great place to meet a potential wife. Don’t rule out going overseas either. You will find as you dig deeper into your cultural heritage that matronly, feminine women are prized over all. If you are looking for a real, stable marriage you will need to look overseas nowadays. American women are not worth marrying. Find a woman who is also a nationalist. She will be the encouragement and support that you need as well as a suitable mother for your offspring.

Learn the warrior roots of  you heritage. Learn the tales of famous warriors, find paintings, statues or pictures of them online and get one for you office or study. I find that it helps me tremendously pre-workout to think on my ancestors a bit, particularly the warrior aspect; it invigorates me. I also listen to music from my culture while I lift weights.

Once you have dug deeper into this part of your identity hold fast to it. Make it a part of your very fabric. Although women are not the primary reason why we do anything, having a strong identity is like catnip to them. It’s just an added bonus for you.

Finally, after time and true integration into your own life you must pass this on to the next generation. Whether it be your own sons, your nephews, cousins it doesn’t matter. This is the essence of tradition, that it is past down form one generation to another. It is a sacred duty for all men.

If you have any experience with this yourself please comment to help your brothers out.

Until next time.