The Irresistable Man

Ok, turn down the volume on the cheesy love song, the real meat of this video is in the non verbal communication. Pay close attention. Actually, listen to the lyrics because this is how women want to feel, this is what a man does to them. What makes them feel this way is a masculine man. Be that man. More and more we need to go back to movies made in earlier times to see true alpha behavior, in particular with women.

I rewatched “Top Gun” recently. It is amazing how much has changed in thirty years. This is a movie about masculinity, pure and simple. It was a time where the military was still a man’s domain. It was a time of masculine competition between men who were striving to be the best at what they did. It was a time where being a man with women was a way to get her to fall in love with you. There is no angst in this movie. There is no main character coming to grips with his past or having an epiphany about the wrong headed masculine way he has gone about his life. This movie was so refreshing that it will become part of the official Classical Man movie collection.