A Manly Way to Take Care of Your Skin

What I am going to write about is an experience that I have had that helped my skin look better and healthier. The best part about it is that you don’t have to go all feminine or metrosexual about it, it really is a manly way to take care of yourself. Before we go any further I need to make this clear: I am not talking about conditions that require a doctors assistance or medication. I am talking about run of the mill daily dry skin, etc…

Our skin is like any other part of our bodies, we need to take care of it. We brush our teeth, go to the doctors, keep our nails short etc… The problem for men is that the products put out there to help our skin are all feminine. Really think about it, do you want to put on a exfoliating mask before going to bed? I didn’t think so. The other problem with heavily perfumed, commercial products is that these things lead us to a feminine way of thinking and feeling, they are sensual.

There were two things that bothered me in recent years. The first was that I would get dry, flaky skin on my face from shaving. The second was that in the winter I would get these dry, itchy rashes mostly on my arms. I had the doctor check those out and basically told me he could get me a cream to put on them. I declined that as it didn’t bother me that much.

I didn’t set out to remedy either of these problems really, I found the solutions by accident.

The first solution that I believe rid me of the dry, red, flaky skin on my arms was two fold. The first was that I began to take ice cold showers. I did this for the health benefits and T production. I noticed the past few winters that I have not gotten those dry, red flaky spots anymore. The only other thing that I believe it could be, and it probably didn’t hurt, was that I made the conscious decision several years ago to get away from commercially made, perfumed soaps and shampoos. I use just a plain bar, unscented soap now. It seems to me that hot water from showers combined with scented, non natural soaps probably gave me those spots.

In conjunction with the showers and plain bar soap, I went to all natural shaving and grooming supplies. Since I was a teenager I’ve shaved with a brush and “safety razor” like my grandfather did. In the past few years I made the transition to naturally made shaving soap. I also went away from using commercially made perfumed grooming products as well and went to a totally natural after shave and cologne. These products smell great, I often get compliments on the smell, as they smell very masculine and they are made from all natural products. A few months after making the switch my dry skin went away and has not returned.

On a side note: since I stopped using commercially made products I have noticed an real elevation in my mood. I just feel better inside, its hard to explain. There is research out there pointing to the damaging effect of these products on men’s well being and T levels. It is possible that many of these products are endocrine disruptors; they actually mess with your hormones. Its just food for thought.

I hope that my experience will help some guys out there, that is the purpose of this post. There is no scientific evidence here, just a bit of my own expereicne.