Picture yourself on December 31st, it is about 8pm. The new year is just around the corner. There were several beautiful ladies who waited on your decision about taking them to a new year’s party. You chose to go alone instead. You are getting dressed, standing in front of the mirror looking good in your custom tailored suit. As you stand there adjusting the cuff links on your shirt you ponder the past year. You feel great, you feel confident, you feel at peace, you feel like you accomplished much. You set out to achieve your goals and you are reaping the rewards. You succeeded and you failed. You had times of joy and times of sorrow. You got through it all. Then there were the “friends” who put down your dreams and told you how your plans would fail.  Those who put down your dreams are at home drinking beer, eating chips and watching the ball drop in Times Square on the television. You have transcended that, you are living your dreams. It is time to feel good about what you have done. You realize that you actually are becoming the man that you have always wanted to be. You are living your life on purpose.

You are tempted for a moment to just ride the wave and enjoy it. You realize that is the old you talking. You remember that one of the greatest lessons that you have learned is that you must always be moving forward. You are either growing or you are dying. Rather than just taking your successes for what they are, you start to jot down down ways that you can improve on them. You can’t wait for New Year’s Day to come so that you can write out your plans and goals for the new year.

You know that you must always be proactive. You have learned that life is like chess, you must always be thinking several moves ahead. You know yourself, you know that you can easily go back to your old ways and just take the path of least resistance. “No”, you tell yourself, “it doesn’t work like that anymore”. You have broken out of those old patterns of thinking and being reactive.

You decide on ways to be proactive in fitness, and your business ventures. Suddenly you realize a way that you can turn your side business into something even more profitable, allowing you to explore even more entrepreneurial ventures. You find ways to be proactive in dating and your social life. What used to frighten you is now second nature. Now, women actually come to you. You are proactive in your ways of thinking, you think deliberately, useless thoughts have no place in your head.

Now the thought of just sitting back and being reactive is repulsing to you. You put on your suit jacket, make a couple of adjustments, and look in the mirror. You like what you see. It is now time to move forward again.


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