Methods of Discipline

There are two primary methods of discipline that we encounter. The first and lesser of the two is external discipline. External discipline is a form of discipline exerted from outside of us. This is the discipline instilled by our parents when we were boys. This was the discipline of school, the military and of religious practices. These types of discipline are all good and necessary. They are, in fact, essential in providing the foundation for the higher form of discipline which is internal. Internal discipline is the higher of the two forms because it takes work, it takes daily struggle. It takes adaptation, trial and error, pain, frustration and sacrifice. It develops true leadership because no one else imposes it on us, we freely choose it.

Both external and internal discipline reap rewards. Learning and being reared in external discipline lays the foundation for and acceptance of internal discipline. We learn and absorb from external sources and then make them our own. Every man comes to a fork in the road where he will either accept or deny the discipline he has learned and take it further. Those who will take on the discipline will generally be successful in life, those who deny will generally become unsuccessful.

We find self discipline in many small areas that add up to a greater whole. For instance, have you ever walked into a CEO’s office? Have you seen a movie where a rich person or member of the aristocracy was portrayed in their home or office? The common denominator you will find is that these men of success are orderly. You won’t find crap laying around on their dining room table or in their office. Our external environment is a reflection of our internal state and our internal state is influenced by our surroundings. If we work in an office that is cluttered, unclean and unkempt, we will see a decline in our thought processes. Our thoughts will become more scattered, reflecting the clutter that we see daily. This is why retreat centers tend to be minimalistic in their décor. We strive for a sound mind in a sound body in sound surroundings.

We can also practice self discipline in our eating habits. I will touch more on intermittent fasting in a fitness article at a later date, but the practice of I.F. is extremely valuable in the quest for greater self discipline. Have you ever noticed guys who can’t stop talking? By controlling what we put in our mouths we become much more able to control what comes out of our mouths. Who seems more powerful and in control to you; the guy who cannot control his thoughts and words, or the man who can?

Sometimes we find ourselves at a crossroads. We can take what seems to be the easier road of laziness and indulgence. This road turns bitter when we find ourselves far down the road having accomplished nothing. In the distance we can see the man who took the seemingly more difficult road of self discipline and we see him being successful. Reading, in and of itself, is a fantastic discipline. Not only is it a form of entertainment and relaxation when you read something that you enjoy, but it also works your mind in ways that television never will. The added bonus with reading is that you will also learn things. If you are serious about self discipline then reading about stoic philosophy is an absolute must. The next level of self discipline comes with filtering the material, thinking critically about it and then putting it into action.

Action is the final step, it is the ongoing step. Theory is necessary, but ultimately action is where the rubber will hit the road. Action is what will separate the men from the boys. Action is what separates the doers from the dreamers. Action is what teaches us success and failure. Action is what gives us the feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day, knowing that we were being proactive and moving forward in a clear concrete way. Action is where we gain that wisdom which is called, “common sense”.




Distraction on the Way to Greatness

Reading the classics is an unrivaled way to increase manly education. As a matter of fact it was only recently that “education” has done away with studies of the classics. After reading, or rereading them, it is quite easy to see why they have been shelved; it is because they show exemplary masculine role models.
One such example is to be found in the story of Aeneas and Dido. While he was pursuing a great destiny, Aeneas decided to stay with Dido, finding a life of comfort with her. After all, who wouldn’t want to stay. After spending months in the pleasure of her company the founding of his kingdom seemed to fade away.
Being that he was on a supreme mission and a higher calling, the god Jupiter sent Mercury to remind Aeneas of his high calling and the fulfillment of his destiny. Aeneas heeded the call of the gods and forsook Dido and her company and headed off onto his journey once again.
We can often be distracted by women. Many a man has forsaken his dreams, goals and destiny for the life of “comfort”. I would argue that probably most men have. Women will always try to domesticate a man, that is one of the things that they do. Those who give in will live a life of regret, slavery and self loathing. This is not to say that being involved with women is a bad thing, on the contrary it is quite good but it must be tempered and balanced like every other aspect of our lives.



Picture yourself on December 31st, it is about 8pm. The new year is just around the corner. There were several beautiful ladies who waited on your decision about taking them to a new year’s party. You chose to go alone instead. You are getting dressed, standing in front of the mirror looking good in your custom tailored suit. As you stand there adjusting the cuff links on your shirt you ponder the past year. You feel great, you feel confident, you feel at peace, you feel like you accomplished much. You set out to achieve your goals and you are reaping the rewards. You succeeded and you failed. You had times of joy and times of sorrow. You got through it all. Then there were the “friends” who put down your dreams and told you how your plans would fail.  Those who put down your dreams are at home drinking beer, eating chips and watching the ball drop in Times Square on the television. You have transcended that, you are living your dreams. It is time to feel good about what you have done. You realize that you actually are becoming the man that you have always wanted to be. You are living your life on purpose.

You are tempted for a moment to just ride the wave and enjoy it. You realize that is the old you talking. You remember that one of the greatest lessons that you have learned is that you must always be moving forward. You are either growing or you are dying. Rather than just taking your successes for what they are, you start to jot down down ways that you can improve on them. You can’t wait for New Year’s Day to come so that you can write out your plans and goals for the new year.

You know that you must always be proactive. You have learned that life is like chess, you must always be thinking several moves ahead. You know yourself, you know that you can easily go back to your old ways and just take the path of least resistance. “No”, you tell yourself, “it doesn’t work like that anymore”. You have broken out of those old patterns of thinking and being reactive.

You decide on ways to be proactive in fitness, and your business ventures. Suddenly you realize a way that you can turn your side business into something even more profitable, allowing you to explore even more entrepreneurial ventures. You find ways to be proactive in dating and your social life. What used to frighten you is now second nature. Now, women actually come to you. You are proactive in your ways of thinking, you think deliberately, useless thoughts have no place in your head.

Now the thought of just sitting back and being reactive is repulsing to you. You put on your suit jacket, make a couple of adjustments, and look in the mirror. You like what you see. It is now time to move forward again.


classical, masculine businessman on phone riding in car with laptop


Why Every Man Needs a Three Piece Suit

Every man needs to own a custom tailored 3 piece suit. The 3 piece is the most versatile of suit styles as you can wear it as 3 piece or a standard 2 piece without the vest. Wearing a custom tailored three piece suit to any function makes a man stand out above the rest.

Lets face it, most men do not know how to dress. We have become more and more casual over the years to the point that shorts, t-shirts and tennis shoes have become standard dress for most “guys”. That is fine for “guys” and boys, but it is not worthy of a man. A man needs to know how to look good. Looking good is vastly different than being overly concerned about one’s looks, the classical man is no metrosexual. Knowing how to look good and look sharp is an essential element of being a man. To paraphrase Tom Ford, shorts belong at the beach or at the tennis court. If you are not used to dressing well, then you are at the beginning of a very fruitful journey. The man who dresses well immediately attracts the attention of the opposite sex. The man who dresses well also grabs the attention of passers by and possible business contacts. People will treat you differently when you dress well, it is a difference that you will easily get used to.

The three piece suit will cost you a little more than a two piece, but I encourage you to spend the money for the versatility. If it is your first, or only suit, I would encourage you to go with navy blue or black. These are the two standard colours for men. If you have other suits already you may want to consider a lighter colour such as tan, which is a classic for a summer suit. For your business dealings a pinstripe suit is the ultimate in classical boardroom power.

I will provide a link at the bottom of the page for custom tailored clothing, including three piece suits. You design the suit yourself and it is made just for you. For a custom tailored suit the affordability is unsurpassed. I myself own several suits and custom fitted shirts from this company and am extremely happy with my purchases. Are you not so sure about designing a custom tailored suit? The interactive 3D program allows you to go step by step. You can also add an element of fun to the process and ask one of your lady friends over to help you design the suit. Believe me, they love stuff like that. While she will be helpful, remember that the ultimate decision about your suit is yours and yours alone.

This link will automatically put you at the custom tailored shirt page, at the bottom you will see the navigation menu for other clothing options.


Until next time.